Online Games For Free

The reason for the growing popularity of free online games is certainly not least is finding that many of these games is a simple but fascinating concept underlying. A game by a good idea lives and should not of the newest and best picture at the latest since "Tetris" out of the question are.

Many hobby game developers make your works for free, and there are some real gems among them. A big advantage is of course the free availability of these games. If you would like to spend any huge sums for the very latest, commercially available games, or a quick pastime for in between searches, is well served with free online games.

Easy accessibility is hard to beat: no annoying and time-consuming download is necessary to play. Therefore you can dare a game, for example, times quickly during the lunch break, or to a foreign computer, without fill the computer with unnecessary software. It is only any Web browser, as well as a reasonably up-to-date Flash Player needed, but both found already on almost any modern computer.

Free online games cover almost every conceivable genre: from classical jump and run games of role-playing and strategy games to cooking and cooking games is all represented. Therefore, everyone should really find his favorite game. The fact this contributes that many sites offer a large number of games.

You may ask, what interest the developers of these games you have to make their works free of charge. The answer is to find that often find the games around, or, for example, when loading of the game in advertising. The revenue obtained with this advertising makes game developer money, and can keep your games for free.

The wide selection, free and easy availability, online games are a great way to dispel boredom and to have fun without much effort for free.

20 Years Of Pc Gaming

If this were Digg, and do not rule it is already doing something that ultimately can reincarnate fallen and anywhere, this news would be considered micro-blogging, but since I saw this image in the Spanish Forum EOL knew I had put in Games Gossip. True enough the last game consoles, but will always be a big fish tank, and in this mural are exposed many of the reasons that it is. Enter eager to find better resolution, large print to hang on the wall of the room, then those marked with a color I've spent with the other those who do not know. Because they are not all they are, but if all they are.

PS The picture is taken from apparently subforum / v / 4Chan, so it reflects your tastes and the size of the games is relative to the number of times they have been appointed. Do not get upset if you miss your favorite game.

Gigabyte launched the GTX 580 graphics card SOC – More Attractive to Gamers

Gigabyte launched the GTX 580 graphics card SOC is now more attractive to "gamers". Previously, Gigabyte has launched the G1-Sniper2 motherboard. Today, Gigabyte have launched graphics card SOC (Super overclock) series. Gigabyte motherboard is best known for the blue "blue motherboard", certainly the best in the business. Part of their graphics cards have emerged as major competitors in recent years.

SOC 580 GTX is based on nVidia-branded graphics cards, GeForce GTX Ti SOC 560, SOC 570 GTX and most recently, the GTX 580 SOC.

SOC 580 GTX is worth $519.99 which is very low price comparing to the other stores than Amazon.

Its features and technical details can be seen or reviewed in the snap below:

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Top 20 Free Games

Why should not always pay for good games, we have made a list of Top 20 free games you can download. Styles are quite different and bound to find one you like. There are not only Windows games online (Jocuri Online) but are some cross-platform versions for Mac OS X or Linux.

America's Army

America's Army is a game based on the U.S. Army. Far from being a mediocre game and just show the U.S. military power, America's Army is a great game that accurately recreates the conflict.

Download: America's Army


Warsow is a FPS of the old school. By using the technique of cell shading looks very colorful aesthetics to go from not noticing small details, thus improving the smoothness of the game. Guns are like those of other greats of the genre such as Quake 3.

Best of all, it's cross platform, available for Mac, Linux and PC.

Download: Warsow

Wild Metal

The Wild Metal is a strategy game. Traveling to a distant planet and you'll be at the controls of a combat vehicle to fight atomáticas military units have taken Tehric planetary system.

The game was developed by Rockstar and released for Dreamcast and PC. On the same page where you can download this game you can download two other classic Rockstar, the GTA and GTA2.

Download: Wild Metal - GTA - GTA2

After Burner 3D

Afterburner 3D is an excellent remake of the classic shots, SEGA Afterburner. This remake has been completely made by fans and the truth is that it has been very good. Sports a beautiful 3D graphics, good sound and a good soundtrack.

Download: After Burner 3D

Enemy Territory Wolfestein

A fairly complete FPS set in World War II. The player will be in charge of a corps of rangers and will have to fight the threat of NACIS.

Download: Enemy Territory Wolfestein

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Joe King is the hero of this adventure game. Flying with the actress Faye Russell when they had an accident in the jungle. The adventure consists of over 100 screens in which we have to solve puzzles. The character design is the style of comics.

Download: Flight of the Amazon Queen

King's Quest 3

King's Quest 3 is the third part of the first adventure game history. Designed by Roberta Williams and supported by the U.S. company Sierra is part of the golden age of adventure games, where Sierra and LucasArts were distributed much of the pie.

Download: King's Quest 3

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Maniac Mansion Deluxe is a remake of one of the most emblematic LucasArts adventures. Those who did not play in your day should try it and they played could use to remember old times, as this is one of the best and funniest adventure ever created.

Download: Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Ultima IV

XU4 game is a remake of Ultima IV. The goal is an easy way to play a classic in modern operating systems. Thanks to the SDL library is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Download: XU4

Trackmania Nations

It is a special edition of the racing car games TrackMania designed for Electronic Sports World Cup (World Cup eSports).

Download: Trackmania Nations


SWINE is a strategy game in real time where you have to carry out varied missions. It also has an option to buy and sell units, upgrade them and use different equipment.

Download: Swine

Xenon 2000

A remake of classic arcade shooter of the old school. Shoot the enemies, collect items that improve your ship's weapons and defeat the bosses to spend the screen.

Download: Xenon 2000


Harmotion is a very original game. Despite belonging to a genre as hackneyed as the shooter, presents an innovative perspective. Two players face each other in an arena full of sound and visual effects.

Download: Harmotion

Retro River Raid

River Raid is a game from Activision in 1984 considered by many to be one of the best shooters. After all these years the fun offered by the game remains intact. If you're 80 and you remember one of the best titles, here it is.

Download: Retro River Raid


A remake of the game SWIV helicopters. Phases has been much development in the form of missions and new enemies bring new style to the classic game.

Download: 3D SWIV


Mono is a spaceship game quite similar to Asteroids with a frenetic pace in the style of the classics.

Download: Mono

One Must Fall

One Must Fall is a game of Medici beat'em up of 90. You can choose from 11 different robots to fight and getting better features as the game progresses. It also has a fairly complete championship mode.

Download: One Must Fall

Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a clone of Super Mario Bros. The code is open and is a good example for people who are initiating the development of video games.

Download: Secret Maryo Chronicles

Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is a game inspired by the classic game Scorched Earth MSDOS. Includes many new features, allows the network game is totally free and is multiplatform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc ...)

Download: Scorched 3D

Wini Golf

A fun 3D minigolf with a total of 36 holes. If you like playing golf from the computer, sure you'll love this game.

Download: Wini Golf

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer

It's been a while since Activision has given us not to watch a video of Modern Warfare 3. Well, today we see the opportunity to work in a multiplayer first dedicated exclusively to video it. We find different environments, sprinkled with a little Call of Duty Elite and character descriptions (profile mode, statistics, improvements).